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High Alumina Bricks

CJ-LZ-48—80,   CJ-LZ-55G,65G,75G

Phosphate high alumina bricks

CJ-P-70,80,   CJ-PA-80,85,

Silicon carbide mullite brick

CJ-GM1650,   CJ-GM1600, CJ-GM1550

Super clay refractory bricks

CL-ZN-45,   CL-ZN-40

Insulated refractory bricks


Silicon carbide brick

Magnesium alumina spinel brick

CJ-MgAl-80, CJ-MgAl-85CJ-MgAl-93, CJ-MgAl-95

Magnesium iron spinel brick

CJ-MgFe-80A, CJ-MgFe-90A

Magnesia bricks

CJ-DMg-A,   B, C


Refractory Castable

 ultra-low   cement, high alumina castable

 50%   alumina, cement bonded, self-flowing castable

65% alumina,   low-cement castable

95%   magnesia castable

60% alumina,   low-cement castable designed for rapid curing

Pumpable,   Low-Moisture, Special Zirconia-Mullite Castable

86% alumina,   ultra-low cement castable

coarse,   fireclay-based, low-cement castable for high-abrasion environments

55% alumina,   coarse aggregate, low-cement castable

60%   alumina, low cement castable

80% alumina,   coarse aggregate, low-cement castable

Refractory plastic

82% alumina,   phosphate bonded refractory plastic

Refractory Mortar

50%   alumina, air setting, dry mortar

50%   alumina, air setting, wet mortar

chemically   bonded, magnesia-based mortar

dry,   air-setting, fireclay mortar

 wet,   air-setting, fireclay mortar

high alumina   air-setting mortar

Refractories GunningRamming   refractories

high   alumina, low-cement, zirconia containing shotcrete mix

fireclay   based, conventional-cement, low iron gunning mix

60%   alumina, lower-cement, gunning mix

high   alumina, zirconia containing, low-cement gunning mix


We are able to customize refractory bricks,   refractory castable, refractory plastics, refractory mortar, ramming   materials, smear materials and so on according to customer's technical   specifications, drawings.

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