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Refractory castable


Castables Classification:

1. According to porosity:

Dense castables ; Insulating castables.

2. According to refractory aggregate

Clay, high alumina, siliceous, magnesia, magnesium chromium ,magnesia-alumina spinel, magnesia-carbon, corundum mullite, corundum, carbon, silicon carbide, zircon, etc.

3. According to the binder:

 ①. Hydration bonded castables:

For example: Portland cement bonded refractory castables; aluminate cement bonded refractory castables; ρ-Al2O3 bonded refractory castables.

 ②. (Hydration + condensation) bonded castables;

    For example, low cement bonded refractory castables, ultra-low cement bonded refractory castables.

 ③. Condensation bonded castables;

    For example, clay bonded refractory castables, ultrafine powder bonded refractory castables, silica sol or aluminium sol bonded refractory castables.

 ④. Chemically bonded castables:

   For example, sodium silicate bonded refractory castables, phosphoric acid and phosphate bonded refractory castables, polyphosphate bonded refractory castables, sulfate bonded refractory castables and phenolic resin bonded castables.


There are many kinds of refractory castables. Our engineers customize the castables according to the customer's requirements, according to the use temperature, industry characteristics, use parts, kiln varieties and so on.

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